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How to Post to Job Search Engines for Free

What is a Job Search Engine?
Job Search Engines are job search websites that take the google (search engine) approach.  Instead of building a big database of their  own job postings, the index the job postings that exist on other websites and then provide search results that link to them.  This way, jobseekers can come to the job search engine and find job postings on hundreds, or even thousands of different job boards and company websites.

Some of the most popular job search engines are 

Why small and midsize companies can't really use job search engines for free.
The great thing about job search engines is that they don’t just index big job boards, they also index individual company websites.  In the early days you could contact Indeed or SimplyHired, give them a link to your company jobs page, and there was a good chance that they would start indexing your jobs and including them in their search results. 

These days it's not so easy.  Most job search engines will still let you submit your jobs page, but it's unlikely that it will get indexed unless you meet two criteria.  

First, you must provide a custom XML feed of your jobs.  This is a special data format that the job search engine specifies and each job search engine usually has a slightly different format.    For example, here is a link to the job feed format for SimplyHired

Second, you must have enough jobs to make it worth their while to index you.  If you only have a few open jobs each month, it's not really worth the overhead they incur by their systems constantly checking your feed for new jobs.

How small and midsize companies CAN use job search engines for free
The is a solution.  Smaller companies can plug into the free job search engine ecosystem if they use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  An ATS (like SquareHire) is software that manages your hiring process.  You put jobs into it, the jobs are published to your company website and other free websites (like job search engines), and then applicants submit their resumes through the ATS.

Job search engines do take XML feeds from most Applicant Tracking Systems.  The ATS creates and submits the XML feed for each search engine so you don't have to.  The job search engines accept the feed from the ATS because that feed contains a high number of jobs from all of the ATS customers (you included).  

So the take-away is, when you use an ATS you get the job search engine ecosystem for free.

If you're reading this you probably want to get listed on the job search engines.  SquareHire is an ATS and will automatically publish your jobs to (at the time of this writing) 5 different job search engines / free job board networks.  An easy way to get started is the SquareHire free plan at

New to Applicant Tracking Systems? Learn how SquareHire can help you reach more applicants and manage your hiring funnel