The Hiring Control Center for your small business

Publish jobs to free job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - Track job posting results, applicant notes and ratings

SquareHire is simple software that helps you post jobs and track applicants. Here are some of things you can do with SquareHire.

Put a powered jobs page on your company website in minutes
Your company jobs page is the foundation that all other hiring activities are built on. Sharing on social networks like LinkedIn and twitter, getting indexed by aggregators and job search engines, these things only work if you can provide links to open jobs on your company website.
SquareHire provides you with a simple jobs page solution. Just copy a few lines of HTML onto your company website and you'll automatically display any open jobs that you enter into SquareHire. Our jobs page widget works on all types of websites: Wordpress, SquareSpace, custom built PHP, ASP, Ruby... really every technology out there.
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Automatically post your jobs on free job boards and search engines
How do jobseekers find you? There is a network of free job boards and job search engines like SimplyHired, Glassdoor, and JuJu. These sites automatically index the jobs from most Fortune 1000 companies. Other companies can be included, but there are some technical challenges. Companies are required to generate an XML feed of their jobs and then submit that feed to each site for approval.
SquareHire solves this problem for you. We take care of the technical details and relationships with these sites so your jobs are automatically published to the free job board ecosystem.
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Review resumes in SquareHire instead of your email inbox
Email is great for communication, but it's not the best way to store, review, and filter tens or even hundreds of resumes.
With SquareHire, applicants go into your SquareHire online resume database. You can access it from any computer with a web browser, and we make it easy for users at your company to share tasks like reviewing, rating, and commenting on resumes.
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Know where each applicant is in your hiring process
Most of us have a hiring process that goes something like this, we do an initial resume screen, we call applicants that look interesting, we set up an in person interview, etc.
The SquareHire funnel view shows you at a glance where each applicant is in this process. You'll know exactly which applicants have been reviewed, called, interviewed, and hired.
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Track which job boards produce results
Do you know where your best applicants come from? Job postings and social networks are expensive in both time and money, but we often use them in combination and it can be difficult to determine what's really working.
SquareHire uses a unique apply url for each source so you can track where each applicant comes from. We provide you with the statistics you need to know what's working and what isn't.
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Identify good resumes faster
If you want to hire the best people, you need to respond quickly when they apply. This can be tough when resumes are going directly into the hiring manager's email inbox.
By using SquareHire, you can share the resume screening task with other users from your company. These users can quickly identify applicants who have the required experience or education and pass only these screened resumes on to the hiring manager. The hiring manager can then respond faster because they're working with a pre-screened short list instead of a massive pile of unscreened resumes.
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Share your jobs on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
SquareHire makes it easy to share your jobs on the most popular social networks.
With a single click you can get the word out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, and of course we include a link back to your job.
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