Where to post jobs?

It used to be that all you had to worry about was posting a job in your local paper. Now you've got to contend with the big job boards, niche job boards, aggregators, social networks... it can get confusing. So where should you post jobs online?

Post to as many job boards as you can

First you should know that you don't wan't to post to just one job board. Posting to multiple job boards will greatly increase your chance of finding a great candidate. But most job boards charge about $400 for a posting. That could get expensive really fast... but there's good news.

There's 3 places that always make sense

There are 3 job boards that are so affordable and provide so much value that it pretty much always makes sense to post to them regardless of your location or the type of job. These are:

Craigslist runs about $20 a posting and it's reach rivals monster.com's. That's right, we've actually seen comparable results between monster and craigslist and craigslist is a fraction of the price. Indeed and Simplyhired will run about $60-$80 per posting. Both produce solid results and are well worth the price. I would recommend posting to all three of them. For about $140 your job posting can reach a significant percentage of the available talent pool. It's the best recruiting money you'll ever spend.

Look for a niche job board

Another good option is to look for a niche job board. If you're hiring an accountant you may want to check out JobsInTheMoney or Careerbank. If you're hiring a programmer, Dice might be a good choice. The only problem is that most of these niche boards produce inconsistent results. They can be good for some locations and terrible for others. There's also the issue of price. Most of these niche boards are actually more expensive than the big boards.

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