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Where is the best place to post jobs?

Before we understand the answer to this question, we need to understand a fundamental shift that has taken place in how employers can reach jobseekers.

Technology has given us a greater ability to reach people than ever before.  We have social networks, photo sharing services, meetup sites, cell phones, job boards, email… and more.  But ironically, all of this technology has made it harder to reach qualified jobseekers.

20 years ago employers could reach the majority (let's call it 80%) of active jobseekers in their city by putting a help wanted  ad in the local paper.  The key was that practically everyone looking for a job checked the paper.  There was an unstated social contract that employers would post jobs there, and jobseekers would look there, and both parties were the better for it.   

Today the local papers have been decimated and the social contract is no more.   This isn't news. Everybody knows that the local paper is no longer a viable option.  The interesting thing is that no single service has risen to replace it.   Instead  it's been replaced by a cloud of services and networks.

The answer

So the answer to our question is this.  There is no single best place to post jobs because there is no single place to reach the majority of jobseekers.  Today, the best place to post jobs is everywhere.

My partner at CareerSoft and I realized this back in 2005.  At the time we were running online hiring campaigns for over a thousand companies.  One of the difficulties that our clients had is that they would look for the one best place to post their jobs, they would reach a tiny percentage of the talent pool, then they would hire the best of whoever applied.   This single source strategy often produced poor results, so they hired us.  Our approach was the complete opposite.  We spent no time wondering what the best job board was.  Instead, we posted the job everywhere.  For an accounting job we would post on monster, craigslist, hotjobs, careerbuilder, JobsInTheMoney, and CareerBank.  All of them.  Why?  Because we knew that the single source (the local paper) had been replaced with a cloud.

A good start

So where should you post jobs today?  The short answer is to post everywhere you can, but if you can post to this list you'll be off to a good start.

1. Monster - often overlooked, monster is still the biggest job board and a good way to reach the majority of skilled jobseekers.  It's expensive but it's possible to get discounts (at the time of this writing SquareHire lets you buy monster postings for $149)

Another benefit of monster that most people don't consider is that it's an entry point into the free job board ecosystem.  A posting on monster will be picked up by Indeed, SimplyHired, and a host of other job search engines/free job boards. 

2. Craigslist - in some locations like San Francisco and Austin, craigslist is the best way to reach any jobseeker.  In most locations craigslist  is a good place to find restaurant help and skilled tradespeople, but it isn't the best place to find programmers and accountants.   Even if it's not the best fit for your location or position, the inexpensive price point means craigslist is always worth posting to.

3. Your company website - This is another one most people don't consider.  You need to have a careers page on your company website and your current jobs need to be listed there.  Remember, the cloud isn't just job boards, it's also social networks, search engines, and other services.  You need a jobs page that you can point jobseekers to.  Many SquareHire clients are surprised to find that even when they spend hundreds of dollars on job postings, a big percentage of the most qualified applicants still come in through the jobs page on their own website.    

4. Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn - which social network is the best fit depends on your business and the type of job.  Since sharing is free, do them all.  To do this right you need to have a job listing on your company website (as recommended in item 3), and all of your shares should point jobseekers to that page.

5. Local Job Boards - There are always small local job boards.  You don't want to rely on these as the only place you post your job, but they are often inexpensive, reach a niched audience, and are a great addition to your "cloud" job posting strategy .  For example, if I was hiring in Denver, CO I would post my job to,, and 

 So that's the answer. Today, to reach that 80% of jobseekers you need to reach as much of the cloud as possible.  It's certainly not as convenient as the local paper or just posting to monster, but it's the reality of hiring today. 

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