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Where To Find Strong Talent

Fred-wilsonIf you’re not familiar with Fred Wilson he’s a VC out of New York who keeps an excellent blog titled…. AVC.  Get it… a VC.  Anyway, Fred writes some great stuff, mostly focused on the startup world, but sometimes he produces a gem that’s useful for all businesses.  I’d categorize his recent post on “How to Find Strong Talent” as one of the gems.

His advice on recruiting first from the people you know (and the people your employees know), then from your competitors, then from recently acquired businesses is great advice for any company.  The advice about using your investors, recruiting from overseas, and college students and recent college grads is probably not as relevant to your average small business. See my recent post on Should you hire new college grads

Anyway, It’s a great read.  Here’s a link to the post:
MBA Mondays: Where To Find Strong Talent

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