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Top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems for Small Business

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that allows you to post jobs to your company website, post jobs to other websites like job boards, collect resumes in a database (instead of your email inbox), and collect statistical data on your hiring process. ATSs have been around for a decade in larger companies, but small businesses are just starting to discover them. Here, in no particular order, is my list of the Top 10 ATSs for small business. Like everything on this blog, this information is my own personal opinion. Take it for what it's worth.
TheResumator has a terrible name but is a pretty good ATS. I like TheResumator and I think it's a good option for small businesses. The application is clean and easy to use. Pricing is about $360/year, but you can also try out the system for free (you're limited to 1 job).
I've heard really good things about bullhorn. Difficult to find pricing but I found a landing page from Google that said their base offering costs about $1100/year. Check the site and you may have better luck finding pricing than I did. I think they're a much better fit for larger companies than they are for small business but I hear them mentioned from time to time.
ZOHO Recruit is one of the few companies that I think actually belongs on this list. They have a clean, simple application that is just about the right fit for a small business. Plus they have easy to find pricing information! Zoho is currently charging about $144/year but they also have a free version.
Icims is another product I've heard really good things about (mostly from recruiters). I've even heard a number of people recommend them for small business, but when I go to their home page all of the clients they list are huge companies. I couldn't find any pricing information.
Taleo is the eight hundred pound gorilla in the ATS space. They're only on this list because when you're looking at ATSs their name will come up. I think they have a good product, but when you categorize your market as "Small Enterprise", "Medium Enterprise", and "Large Enterprise", you're probably not the right fit for small business.
I hear people mention HRsmart fairly often and I don't understand why. I think their website is awful, I can only imagine what their actual product is like. I tried to find pricing information but the website search actually BROKE when I typed "pricing" into it. Not a good sign. I wouldn’t use them, but their name does come up a lot so they're on this list.

This is getting painful. In my opinion only 2 of these products (ZOHORecruit and TheResumator) are even viable for a small business. Most are targeting much larger companies. I'm just going to list out the rest. You can check them out and draw your own conclusions.

That's my Top 10 List. I probably should have made it a Top 2 List but that doesn't sound as catchy. Agree, disagree or have a suggestion? Let me know at

Last but not least I want to mention As you can see from the list above, there are lot's of Applicant Tracking Systems but very few that serve the needs of the small business user. With HireFlo, our mission is to stay laser focused on Small Business. If you're a large company go talk to one of the other guys (there's enough of them), HireFlo is the hiring tool for small business.

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