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How to set up a company jobs page on Squarespace

Squarespace is a great choice for most small business company websites.  It’s a complete hosted solution so you just go to, sign up, select a template, select the types of pages you want on your site (contact us, blog, features, etc.), and then customize the text and images.

But what if you want a jobs page? And what if you want your jobs page to do more than just email resumes to you when someone applies?

At HireFlo we have a solution for our users.  Every company get’s it’s own HireFlo Jobs Page widget.  They can just paste the widget onto an HTML page and they’ll get a fully functional jobs page that automatically displays their published jobs and allows applicants to submit resumes right there on the company’s website.  Even better, resumes don’t get delivered through email. Instead they go right into the company’s applicant database and they show up on the company’s HireFlo dashboard.  This makes it really easy to keep track of each applicant and share tasks like the initial resume review.

So that’s great if you have a custom built website, but will it work with a hosted solution like Squarespace.  We weren’t sure either so we signed up for Squarespace and gave it a try.  The video below walks through the whole process which took less than 2 minutes.  I hope you don’t mind if I ruin the ending and tell you that it worked flawlessly.  Kudos to Squarespace for producing such an easy to use hosting system that still has the flexibility to allow custom javascript widgets like this.

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