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Have you seen craigslist lately?

Craigslist works

If you're not already using craigslist, you should.  You really should. Craigslist is the simple online classified site that has decimated the traditional newspaper classifieds over the last 12 years, and it’s the most affordable way to get real a significant number of applicants to your job.  The site itself is ridiculously primitive, but it works. 

In February, HireFlo users who posted their job to craigslist got an on average of 135 applicantsthrough the site.  A number of jobs received over 240 applicants in their first week. That’s a great return for a $20 job posting. 

Just to be clear.  HireFlo is in no way associated with craigslist, and we’re certainly not getting paid (or anything else) for this recommendation.  We just think that we’re in a unique position to see what tools are really producing results, and then pass that information on to our users.  Craigslist is a no-brainer.  Everyone should use it.

How HireFlo makes your craigslist posting stand out

So you’ve decided to post on craigslist, but so have a lot of other companies.  How can you get your job to stand out.  Well, craigslist is pretty limiting, but they do allow you to do two key things.  First, you can use basic HTML formatting, things like bold, different sized fonts, etc.  Second, you can include images in your posting.  If you experiment for a while, you can figure out what HTML craigslist will allow, and you can figure out how to wire up an apply form to an image button that you include in your post.  It does take some time, and it requires some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and web development in general.  Of course you could also just use HireFlo, since we automatically do those things for you.

Take a look at these 2 job postings. 

First up is a regular text-based posting that someone typed into craigslist. They actually did a really good job considering that they just had text to work with.  The posting is well structured into sections and the company is using the standard anonymous email that craigslist provides for applicants to email in their resumes.  I think it’s good, although I did get a little lost when I was looking for the apply link.


Now, below is a different posting, this one from a company that’s using HireFlo.  Notice the differences?  Most of them are subtle.  Each section is separated by a bold section title.  The bullet points are real bullets.  And most important, there a big gold “Apply Now” button that immediately grabs the applicant’s attention.  It’s the first thing you notice when you look at the page, and most people are going to feel compelled to click it.  What does this mean to you? More applicants. 



So to sum up, if you’re not using craigslist, you really should.  It’s affordable (about $20 for a posting) and it’s evolved into a great tool that produces results for almost all types of jobs.  Also, when you do post your job, take some time to figure out the HTML that will make your posting really stand out.  Either that or use a tool like HireFlo that will do it for you.

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