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Free Job Posting Sites

When we talk about free job postings sites we mean a site where we can post jobs for free. There are  two different types of sites that fit what we're looking for, Free Job Boards and Job Search Engines.

Job Search Engines
Soon after the pay job boards like monster and careerbuilder became popular, a new type of free service emerged, the Job Search Engine.  These sites were places that jobseekers could come to find jobs, but instead of having their own job postings, they took the google (search engine) approach and indexed the job postings on other sites.  Jobseekers could then run a search on the Job Search Engine and get results back from tens, hundreds, or even thousands of different job boards and company websites.

The great thing about job search engines from an employers perspective is that they were indexing and driving traffic to job postings for free. The jobs search engines were willing to index jobs for free for the same reason that Google is willing to index websites for free.  They needed a big enough index that jobseekers would come to their search engine to search for jobs.  They needed the jobs to attract jobseekers. Once they had the jobseekers, then they could sell pay-per-click job postings ads, again just like Google's business model.

That's why pricing can be a little confusing on job search engines. Usually they don't sell job postings for a flat fee.  Instead they may ask employers to put money into a pay-per-click budget for the job. 

Some of the first and best known job search engines are: 

There has been a recent surge in new job search engines. Some of the best of these newcomers are:

Free Job Boards
Free job boards are just what they sound like, traditional job boards that have their own job postings, but they let employers post jobs for free.  Most of these will be small local job boards, sometimes associated with a professional association or a local chamber of commerce that charges a fee for membership and then offers jobs for free.  The reality is that free job boards are a bit of a myth.  Most people who talk about free job boards are really referring to a job search engine.

How can a company post jobs to these free sites?

The short answer is this:

  1. There really aren't any free job boards worth posting to.  What companies really want to post to are Job Search Engines (sometimes referred to as aggregators)
  2. The Job Search Engines really don't index individual companies or let them post jobs for free.  They did 5 years ago, but not anymore. 
  3. The Jobs Search Engines will index  job boards, Applicant Tracking Systems, and very large companies for free. This is equivalent to letting them post jobs for free.

There's a lot of misinformation out there, and these free resources do exist if you're a large company.  But I'm sorry to say, if you're not a Fortune 500 company and you want to get your jobs listed on the job search engines for free, you can't really do it on your own.  

Your best option is to find an inexpensive  Applicant Tracking System (like SquareHire) that will get those jobs indexed for you.  A more detailed answer is included in this post How to Post to Job Search Engines for Free

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