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Craigslist no longer allows image links in job postings

The Problem

You may have noticed that Craigslist has changed their site and has started filtering image links from job postings.   That means that if you paste HTML into your craigslist posting that contains any image links (or images),  craigslist will automatically delete those image links.  This change is a real problem if your posting uses an image apply link.  Postings like the one below will now have the apply button removed and leave job seekers with no way to apply. 

craigslist job posting with image apply button

The Solution

Fortunately the fix is easy.  Craigslist still allows text links so all you need to do is use a text apply link instead of the image button.   SquareHire now uses text apply links on its Craigslist job posting worksheets. It works and is available today. 

Also, just because Craigslist is removing image links doesn't mean that you can't use images on your job posting.  There is now an extra step in the posting process that allows you to enter images.  This is still a recommended practice since it makes you posting stand out in the search results as described here Craigslist Job Posting Tips: Use an image in your job posting.

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