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Craigslist Job Posting Tips: Post your job after 10:00pm

If you’re hiring, you can’t afford to not use Craigslist. But the results companies get from Craigslist vary wildly depending on their location and the type of job they’re hiring for. This is the first in a series of blog posts designed to show you the little details that will help you get the best results possible results from your Craigslist job posting.

Craigslist presents jobs differently than any other job board.  They don’t use a keyword search followed by a page of the most relevant results.  Instead, Craigslist makes you chose a general category like “internet engineering” and then it presents a simple list of jobs that were posted to that category, grouped by the day they were posted.  The results look like this:


Notice that we have a label, Wed May 23, followed by a list of the jobs that were posted on that day.  The first job we see is “Software Engineer for Payments Startup”.  That first position is a pretty good spot.  How did that company get their job listed there?  A quick look at the job posting tells us.


Do you see the answer?  Look at the time that the job was posted on craigslist.  It was at 9:07PM.  If you check all of the jobs that come below this one in the list (and I did check them) you’ll find that they were posted at 7:02PM, 6:47PM, 6:29PM, basically just a bunch of times earlier than 9:07PM.

This is an important detail to understand about how Craigslist works.  Craigslist groups jobs by day and lists them in reverse chronological order based on the time they were posted.  So, if you post your job later in the day, your job posting will display higher in the listing for that day, toward the top, the spot where jobseekers look first when they’re reading job postings.  If your job posting is the last job to get posted that day, it will display in the first position, just like the “Software Engineer for Payments Startup” job that we looked at above.

The Takeaway:

When you post your job to Craigslist, post as late in the day as possible.  I would recommend posting after 10:00pm.  For really competitive markets you may even have to post after 11:30PM.  Doing this will cause your job to be listed in that coveted first position for the day it was posted.

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