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Are monster job postings too expensive for small businesses?

monsterI talk to every HireFlo customer who’s willing to talk with me, and the most common question I ask is what job boards do they use as part of their hiring process?  What are the goto boards that they post every single job to?  A lot of companies tell me that they use craigslist, some use simplyhired, others prefer Indeed.  But I can count on two fingers the number of companies who have told me they use monster.

That’s crazy to me.  Things have changed a lot over the last 10 years, but monster is still the big kahuna in the job board space.  Every jobseeker knows their name, their brand is synonymous with hiring, I still hear people quoting their commercials, and the majority of jobseekers check listings on monster when they need to find a job.

A few years back I was co-founder in an outsourced online recruiting business. We basically used job boards for our clients instead of them having to do it themselves.  Part of our model was we would put job postings on every job board we could.  This made it possible for us to accurately compare job boards based on results, and monster was definitely the top performer. 

There aren’t enough HireFlo users posting on monster for me to determine if that’s still true, but I have no reason to think it would not be.  In fact, monster has made some significant value adds to their job postings over the last 6 years.  Check out this list of stuff you get when you buy a monster posting today.

  • Your job is posted on Monster's website,
  • Monster's mobile app,
  • Monster's BeKnown professional networking app on Facebook,
  • Monster's affiliate websites including,
  • and over 1,000 newspaper partner co-branded websites

That’s a pretty impressive list, especially the part about the 1,000 newspaper websites. 

So let’s get back to the point. If monster job postings provide significant value and reach a huge percentage of the talent pool, WHY DON’T MORE SMALL COMPANIES USE MONSTER???

Fortunately I’m in position where I can just ask them, and I do.  Why aren’t more small businesses using monster?  Here’s the answer I got from a HireFlo customer just yesterday:

“We don’t generally use Monster because of the cost/benefit ratio being really off as far as we are concerned”

I think the key issue is this.  Monster provides value, but it’s expensive, $399 for a single job posting in a single location. So in a world where you can get “good enough” results from craigslist, smaller companies opt to spend $25 or $75 on a craigslist ad and just hire the best of what they get. 

For some jobs this may make sense.  But I’m not so sure.  I think hiring great people is the most important thing you can do to affect the success of your company.  To me,  reaching as much of the talent pool as possible and hiring the best people I can is more important than a few hundred dollars (especially when compared to the money I’ll be paying for that employee’s salary each month).

The Solution

It’s a pretty simple problem.  Monster job postings provide a lot of value, they should be part of every company’s hiring process, but they’re too expensive for most small companies to use. So I have a simple solution. 

HireFlo has negotiated a deal with  monster that allows us to resell monster job postings to our customers at a discounted rate that puts monster postings in the price range of companies who might otherwise just post on craigslist.  This is a huge deal.  The terms of the agreement prevent me from even telling you what the rate is (unless you’re a HireFlo user and logged into HireFlo), but I can tell you that it’s a game changing discount that will put monster postings within reach of every business.   There are some restrictions, like you can’t be a recruiter or staffing agency, and your company must have fewer than 200 employees. In other words you have to be exactly the type of company we want as a HireFlo customer.

The new discounted postings will be available by Monday, July 23. If you have any questions you can email me at  We’re going to be gathering statistics and watching the response to these postings very closely over the next few months, but there’s no doubt that at this price it would be crazy not to use monster. 

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